Fish & Chips

One of the staple foods in England is fish & chips and its variations. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on it, but this food has grown on me. Over the years, I have eaten a number of it. My favourite is always haddock and I find that pubs in villages tend to have the most savoury and delicious versions of it, albeit the most expensive too. You want juicy fish and batter that is crispy but not soggy. Same with the chips.
Here in Bristol, I like Magnet Fish Bar in Southville and for a treat, Catch 22 by College Green. The best fish & chips I have eaten so far? Ye Olde Restaurant & Fish Shoppe in Gloucester.

Fish & Chips

Fish & chips and Welsh strawberries in Tenby, Wales. Photo: ©Maria Luisa Latorre



Fish & chips in Clevedon, near the world-famous pier. Photo ©Maria Luisa Latorre



Fish & chips at a pub (I don’t remember the name) near Nailsea. Photo ©Maria Luisa Latorre

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