Cats and Other Creatures

Below is a collection of photos of animals that taken during my trips. Although I am more of a dog person, like most people I take shots of mostly cats, as these tend to be on their own and are approachable. Dogs, however, tend to be around their human parent and it is difficult or inconvenient to ask for permission to photograph them.

cats Bayonne ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Walking around the historic quarters in Bayonne, France. I just remember that it was so hot. These guys had the right idea: Find a shady spot and chill.


dog cadiz© Maria Luisa Latorre

Too hot to play with my ball! This shot was taken at one of my favourite spots in Cádiz: The fish market.


cat bayonne©Maria Luisa Latorre

In Bayonne, France. I had the feeling someone was looking at me, and there she/he was… So cute!


sheep ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Adorable sheep in Crickhowell, Wales. 


pigeons ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Row of pigeons on a roof in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.



Owl in Worcester city centre, England.



Roosters and hens in Istambul, Turkey.


cat napping

Another adorable cat napping, this time also in Istambul, Turkey.

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