“I did not expect Edinburgh to be this spectacular” This is what I told my sister after the first day walking the streets of the capital of Scotland. And it’s true, I hadn’t. I had thought it was a bit like Dublin or perhaps like Liverpool. I had envisioned stone, wet and cold weather, a city “up there in the North”, but none of the majesty, the monumentality, the tall, dark, massive stone buildings.

It was a quick 45-minute flight from Bristol and I arrived at night. Next day, I was up early and the first thing I did was to talk to Calton Hill to admire the view, which did not disappoint. From there, I found the famous Royal Mile and walked up to the Castle. I entered the surrounding park and visited the grounds. It was late April and there was a brisk and freezing breeze, but no matter, the vistas were dramatic indeed. The thing with Edinburgh, is that it’s located in a pretty attractive area. Land and hills on one side, and the North Sea on the other give it a lot of visual interest.

There is plenty to do in Edinburgh: From walking up and down the Royal Mile, to walking around Victoria Street, Old Calton Burial Ground, Holyrood Park and just getting lost in those glorious stony streets.

Edin1 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Edinburgh Castle from below. 


Edin11 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Monument to Sir Walter Scott in the centre of the city


Edin4 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

The view from Holyrood Park is a must-see.


Edin2 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Circus Lane is like a village within the city.


Edin3 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Glorious stone in the Royal Mile


Edin6 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

If the weather is not suitable for walking around the city, visiting the Museum of Scotland is always a good idea. That’s where I learned that while there are around 5 million of people that are properly Scottish, there are more than 20 million all over the world that can trace their ancestry to this country.


Edin5 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

St Margaret’s Loch, Holyrood Park


Edin8 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Grounds near Edinburgh Castle


Edin 7 ©Maria Luisa Latorre

Victoria Street offers lots of shopping opportunities. 


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