Who loves to take photos of doors? I do!

I adore pointing my camera towards an Art-decó door, or one of those typical English country doors with roses and ivy all around that can be found in villages here… Or perhaps a church door with intricate wrought iron details, or an Andalusian patio door, a brightly coloured door, or just a door. And I know I am not the only one: On Instagram there is a hashtag named “doortraits” for fans of beautifully decorated entrances.

I love that for some people a door is just more than just the entrance to a house but a decoration opportunity in its own right. Below are some of the photos of doors I have taken through the years. Featured image, a door in Prague, Old Town area.

©Maria Luisa Latorre_door1

This door can be found in the Hotwells area in Bristol. It belongs to a former church which has been recycled into a community centre.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door2

Some doors open out into the garden, such as this one, found at a stately house near Reading, England.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door3

Door belonging to Holy Trinity Church, Colchester. The door actually includes bricks from ancient Roman buildings in the area.

©Maria Luisa Latorre_door4

I found this beautiful door whilst walking around the Gothic area in Barcelona, Spain.

©Maria Luisa Latorre_door6

Another door that opens out, onto Radcliffe Camera building, in Oxford, England.

©Maria Luisa Latorre_door11

Door leading to a typical Andalusian patio in Cádiz, Spain.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door7

Door at St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door8

I don’t recall the place where I took this photo, but the door is beautiful.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door10

This pretty Art-decó door is in Chelsea, London.

©Maria Luisa Latorre_door12

Yet another of those rustic English doors. This one, as I recall, was in Montacute.


©Maria Luisa Latorre_door13

If you go hiking near Bath, you will see this marvelous entrance.


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