In Cádiz Now

It’s been a while since I wrote this blog. Back then I had just moved away from Bristol, UK, to NYC with the goal of starting a new life. These plans did not quite work out, so in March I moved once more, this time to Cádiz, Spain. Since then, and while getting used to living in Spain again, I have created a website, to promote this beautiful city, one of the oldest in Western Europe. Here is the link, just in case anyone wants to keep in touch.

I write about the very interesting history of the city, the food, areas to visit around Cádiz, post events, show the “most instagrammable spots in Cádiz” and lots more. Cádiz has been receiving lots of news coverage as of late, and is finally getting the recognition it deserves. If you are curious about this gorgeous small town-island in Andalusia and are interested in the perspective of someone who has lived there in the past and is back again after residing abroad, do take a look at In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos below. is on Instagram too:

…and so am I.

Happy travels!

San Juan de Dios, in downtown Cádiz
Front side of the Cathedral in Cádiz
View from the Cathedral tower
Here is the ancient Roman theater, which is buried below the medieval quarters and is free to visit
Alameda Apodaca, by the sea, is one of the most beautiful spots in town
This promenade is known as Campo del Sur. That big building is the back of the Cathedral
Gorgeous at La Caleta, the beach in the old quarter, flanked by two castles
Plaza de España was built to honor the drawing of the 1812 Constitution, written as the city was besieged by the French
… And of course, tapas!

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